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Through the feedback feature, you can send suggestions, report problems, or request new features directly to our development team.  This enables us to serve you faster and better.

The feedback feature also gathers information related to your OTTOTEST software such as your last vehicle selections and data passing to and from the ECM, helping us to find and efficiently solve your specific problem.


Get Feedback Rewards!


We’d love to hear from you as often as you’d like. The more often you report feedback while on-board, the more you’ll be instrumental in solving those tricky bugs. Pressing the feedback button while connected to a vehicle links the VIN with your comment.

Send us 10 quality feedback reports and get a month subscription extension.

The first thing we do in the morning while drinking our first cups of coffee is read our customers feedback.

We couldn’t be the glitch-proof tool that you would expect us to be without having this unique feature in place. A Feedback is when you get to tell us what’s on your mind and we get to be active listeners.

Please press the feedback button while connected to the vehicle so we can tie it to the VIN.



Vehicle Diagnostics Made Easy.

Let us help you maximize bay productivity and reduce comebacks.









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