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Software Highlights

Vast amount of actuators (bi-directional controls) and view actual values as you activate them.

OTTOTEST enables you to interactively operate and test vehicle devices like:
idle control
engine fans
door controls
a/c and many others

During each test you can view relevant data regarding a specific function such as RPMs and/or IAC position.
By viewing parameters while activating controls you can pinpoint the problem area faster.

Main Menu > select vehicle > select module > Active command modes/Device control



Ford actuators for new vehicles (CAN).

Ford Output State Control (bi-directional/actuators) is now available from OTTOTEST.
Only Ford OEM tool used to provide for this functionality, now we also support this !!!!

The Ford Output State Control can be found under the OBD Tests menu.
With this new feature you can perform Actuator Tests to all Ford Vehicles.

Main Menu > select Ford vehicle > select module > OBD test > Output state control



Toyota Customize.

Many possibilities to customize different ECUs like:
Air Conditioner, Compass Calibration, Display, Door Lock, Illuminated Entry, Light Control, Option Setup, Power Window, Wiper, Wireless Door Lock, etc.

Main Menu > select Toyota vehicle > select module > Customize



GM Setup.

Relearn and set parameters in ECUs like:
Set VIN, Key fob, Steering calibration, rezero passanger presence, new BCM/SDM/HVAC/IPC and many others…

Main Menu > select GM/Saturn vehicle > select module > ECU Setup



DTC Health Check.

By clicking one button OTTOTEST will search DTC’s in all existing modules and display results.

You may then clear DTCs by using the same screen.

Main Menu > select vehicle > DTC health check



Detailed Mode $06.

Description for TIDs and MIDs are not readilly available under OBD and differ from vehicle to vehicle.
OTTOTEST translates for you those TIDs and MIDs to human understandable description, based on OEM documentation.

Main Menu > select vehicle > select module > Extended On Board Monitoring Test Results ($06)



Different type of displays: List View, Graph (2 types), Enlarged and Gauges.

OTTOTEST offers several type of displays:

List view:
Parameters are displayed in plain text , organized alphabetically and grouped in tabs.
You can move to the next page by using the up/down arrow or by selecting any tab.

Multi-trace. Observe similar parameters close to each other so you can easily compare behavior.
Multi-Graph. Observe parameters on individual graph.
You can zoom in and out, measure events using 2 different cursors and digitally display values while maximum and minimum values are catched by the system. You can also gather a huge amount of data, save it and analyze it later.
Events are displayed according to their frame and absolute time.

Want to move things around while observing a specific parameter at a distance? Use this feature.
Maximum and minimum values will be catched and digitally displayed for you.

Using this feature enables you to show parameters in “like vehicle” mode.

Main Menu > select vehicle > select module > Data list display > Click on the desired view (also under global)




On the fly Unit conversion for selected units (like kPa to PSI, Centigrade to Farenheit).

You can change the parameter unit on the fly just by clicking on the relevant parameter unit.

By example: The ECT sensor on the picture 140 deg C is displayed, click on the unit (C) and the displayed value will convert displaying now 284 degrees Fahrenheit. To return to deg C click on the unit again.

Main Menu > select vehicle > select module > Data list display > Click on the unit that you want to change (also under global)




Snapshot. Definable pre-trigger, view gathered data using graphs or “play” with faster/slower control.

This feature enables you to gather data before and after a triggered event. This trigger may be activated manually, by a predetermined DTC or by any DTC.
Data gathered through this feature can be saved and displayed later for further analysis using the list or graph displays.

Main Menu > select vehicle > select module > Extended Snapshot (also under global)




Based on OEM database and documentation.

Being based on OEM database and documentation enables us to offer a product that can be matched only by the OEM tools themselves.

By doing so we can offer a vast amount of parameters and functionality that includes:
bi-directional controls,
special tests,
customize (Toyota),
DTC help (Ford),
and many more.


Customer designable filters.

OTTOTEST enables you to create your own personal parameter groupings.  For example, you can display all parameters with RPM units or only entries containing “throttle” or “O2”.
Once these groupings are programmed, you can easily apply them to any vehicle you are testing.

New ECUs may contain hundreds of  parameters overwhelming the mechanic with data. Using our databased filter fetches data that you are interested in.

Main Menu > select vehicle > select module > Data list display > Filter


Online downloadable updates.

Software updates are delivered quickly and easily via the internet.
All that is required to receive them is an active internet connection and an active subscription to to our update services.

Updates are released frequently and can include new software features, capabilities or even new coverage years for currently available manufactures.  Check our News section for examples of our recent releases!


Customer feedback. Feedback is relayed to our developing team for fast solutions.

Through the feedback feature, you can send suggestions, report problems, or request new features directly to our development team.  This enables us to serve you faster and better.

Feedback gathers information related to your OTTOTEST software session, such as last vehicle selections and data passing to and from the ECM helping us to efficiently find and solve your specific problem.

This button always exist on the top menu!


Automatic Vehicle Identification for selected vehicles.

OTTOTEST will always try to automatically identify the connected vehicle, saving you time and effort.

Click on the manufacturer and OTTOTEST selects the appropriate vehicle for you.
When Auto ID is not available, vehicle selection may be selected manually using identifiers (like year or engine) or by entering the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).




Vehicle Diagnostics Made Easy.

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