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VCI – Vehicle Communication Interface

Developed entirely in house by Blue Streak Electronics, the heart of the OTTOTEST system is the Vehicle Communication Interface.  The VCI supports all necessary OE protocols such as:

♦ CAN 11/29 Bit
♦ CAN Single Wire
♦ ISO 9141
♦ ISO KWP 2000
♦ VPW (GM, Saturn, Chrysler)
♦ SCP (Ford, Mazda)
♦ SCI A and B (Chrysler)
♦ SCI NGC (Chrysler)
♦ CCD (Chrysler)
♦ DCL (Ford)
♦ Flash (Toyota)
♦ H92/H95/H99 (Honda)
♦ Special Honda
as well as industry standard protocols such as J-1979 for OBDII diagnostics and 2534 for flash programming.

The VCI is ready to support your reprogramming and diagnostic needs right now, with future expansion planned to ensure that it remains a lasting and effective solution for a very long time!







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