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Download the OTTOTEST Software Demo

The file size is 84 MB so hold on tight it may take a while depending on your network bandwidth.

Instructions – How to Install the Demo

1. Once you click the blue button on the right it should start downloading the file.

2. Depending on the browser you use, it will go to different places:

* In Chrome – it’s at the bottom of the window

* In Mozilla – it’s in the Toolbar – click on the button that looks like a blue arrow pointing down

* In Internet Explorer – it’s at the bottom of the window

3. Open the downloaded file and it will start the installation process

4. It will take a little while to download (depending on your connection speed). While that is going there will be a little bar moving (in different places on the screen depending on which browser you use).

5. The file downloaded is a .zip file. It is a compressed file and will automatically open a tool to expand it back to it’s full size. When it opens the tool window, you need to:
* Select the file titled ‘Ottotest Demo Installation Ver. 1.19 – 13-02-14’
* Click on ‘Extract To’ – this will open another window, where you need to tell it where to save the file
* Select a directory and ‘OK’ (if you don’t know where to save it then just select the ‘Desktop’ directory)

It will extract the files and will look like this:

6. Once it finishes extracting and installing the software you will have an icon in the place where you saved it. For example, if you selected earlier to save it in the ‘Desktop’ directory, then you need open that directory and will find the ‘Ottotest Demo’ link.

Double-click it to open and it will open the Ottotest Demo. You should see this:

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