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“I’ve been iflashed. And I’m satisfied. My drivability problems have been solved.”

Need to Flash? iflash. It’s that easy.
In fact it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. You need an iflash J2534 Global Programmer
2. A laptop or desktop PC
3. OE subscriptions for calibration files

Flash Reprogramming has become a vital and profitable procedure in the repair and service of today’s vehicles. As a key component of the 21st Century Tune-up, flash reprogramming is often the only solution for problems ranging from drivability and loss of power to poor fuel economy and emissions related issues.

The iflash J2534 Global Programmer (GP) is a communication interface designed to support J2534 specifications for ECU reprogramming and pass-through diagnostics. Complete with our industry-exclusive iflash user interface software; this versatile tool easily communicates with a PC and vehicle. Eliminating the need for multiple OE tools, iflash provides OE-level programming utilities for any J2534 compliant vehicle on the road today—GM, Ford, Chrysler and the imports! iflash is the complete ECU flash programming solution.

Most motorists develop a trusting relationship with an independent service provider to take care of their vehicle…don’t send your customers back to the OE Dealer.

iflash keeps your customers coming back to you. All new vehicles must have J2534 communication capability for diagnostics and recalibration—many will need tune-ups that routinely include ECU reprogramming. Performing ECU flash reprogramming to correct problems keeps your customers coming back to you—and satisfied by offering this necessary and easy-to-perform service!

The iflash J2534 GP is a one time purchase that includes no-charge software and firmware updates plus free lifetime technical support. iflash programs all J2534 compliant vehicles right out of the box—some competitors charge extra for individual OE programming and protocol capabilities. iflash hardware is designed to meet future requirements plus the software can be upgraded in the field.

We recommend a dedicated computer with high speed internet connection is needed. OE subscriptions range in price from $20 per day to $1200 per year and are available on CD, DVD or via internet download depending on the OE manufacturer.



The Complete 2534 Flash Programming Solution

Let us help you maximize bay productivity and reduce comebacks.








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