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“As a key component of the 21st Century Tune-up, flash reprogramming is often the only solution for problems ranging from drivability and loss of power, to poor fuel economy and emissions related issues…and iflash makes it easy”

To correct some problems, and improve performance, fuel economy and reduce emissions, sometimes only updating an on-board vehicle computer is required. This is commonly called “flashing”.

Late model vehicles are highly computer controlled to reduce emissions, maximize fuel economy and improve consumer comfort. The various control systems in vehicles are interrelated and controlled by multiple computers that constantly monitor vehicle performance through various sensors located throughout the vehicle. Based on information received, the computers adjust the vehicle performance through a series of valves, switches and motors.

Although car manufacturer engineers spend countless hours prior to the launch of their new models, problems with component parts and long term wear under all operating conditions can never be entirely foreseen. Much like the operating system of a PC, the calibration files of an on-board vehicle computer may need to be updated from time to time to ensure ideal performance as the vehicle ages. These calibration updates, provided by the vehicle manufacturers, often repair issues affecting fuel economy, performance, drivability and diagnostics, including false check engine lights, trouble codes that set incorrectly, problems with transmission shifting and rough running engine timing issues.

Professional service providers should check for calibration file updates every time a vehicle comes into a shop for a tune-up or for a drivability issue. “Flash” updating one of the on-board computers may be all that is needed to improve performance.



The Complete 2534 Flash Programming Solution

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