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iflash Hardware

Developed entirely in house by Blue Streak Electronics, the heart of the iFlash system is the VCI J2534 Global Programmer.  The VCI J2534 supports all necessary J2534 standards required to reprogram such as:

♦ ISO 9141
♦ ISO KWP 2000
♦ SAE J1850 PWM
♦ SAE J1850 VPW
♦ SCI SAE J2610
♦ GM 8192 UART
as well as J-1979 for OBDII diagnostics.The VCI J2534 connects to the Windows PC in your workshop and is easily updated through the internet.  Please see the FAQ in this section for minimum PC requirements.

In addition to standard on-car programming, iFlash also gives you the option of programming control modules off-car using our selection of 16 off-board adapters for domestic engine and transmission units.
That means not only you stop sending ECUs to dealers for programming, but with these adapters you can even become the go-to store for other outlets that haven’t jumped on board with reprogramming yet.


The Complete 2534 Flash Programming Solution

Let us help you maximize bay productivity and reduce comebacks.








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