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VCI J2534 Global Programmer Questions:

How does the VCI J2534 connect to the car and the PC?
All programming functions can be performed by connecting the VCI J2534 to standard OBDII DLC on-car.  Additional cables are available to connect to various engine and transmission modules for domestic manufacturers so that outside shops can send their ECU itself to be flashed instead of having to drive (or tow) the car.  The programmer then communicates through a USB 2.0 cable to your PC.

Is it durable?
The VCI J2534 is a compact, ruggedized device with no moving parts.  It has proven to be exceptionally reliable in thousands of service bays around the country since its inception.

What do words like ‘J2534’ and ‘calibration’ mean?
The terminology used when talking about flash programming is reviewed in the following document [iFlash Glossary and Key Concept].


iflash Questions:

How much do updates cost?
Updates for the iFlash programming software are free.  However keep in mind that each manufacturers charge different amounts for access to their calibration files and programming software.  The pricing options for each manufacturer are listed here [OE J2534 web info] along with a link to their websites.

What vehicles can I program?
All manufacturers who sell vehicles in the US or Canada are programmable with iFlash, though some offer more programming functions than others. The different levels of programming capability are listed here [What does iFlash cover].

Can I program keys, dashboards, radios?
Only keys for Ford vehicles are programmable using iFlash.  All other manufacturers restrict key programming to licensed locksmiths who are registered NASTF Vehicle Security Professionals.  Dashboards on Ford, GM and Chrysler vehicles are programmable using iFlash where the manufacturer allows it.  Radios cannot be programmed with iFlash.

How much do I charge the customer for a flash?
The typical rate for performing an ECU update is one hour’s labor.

Is it easy to use iflash?
iFlash is likely the easiest reprogramming system available. Step-by-step illustrated are provided with the software,and any new developments are announced automatically in the iFlash Message Board to alert you to changes as soon as they occur. Finally,we provide free tech support to clear up any confusion or unexpected problems.



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