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iFlash – Introduction to Flashing

1As a key component of the 21st Century Tune-up, flash reprogramming is often the only solution for problems ranging from drivability and loss of power, to poor fuel economy and emissions related issues…and iflash makes it easy to correct some problems, and improve performance, fuel economy and reduce emissions, sometimes only updating an on-board vehicle computer… more >>


The iFlash Program

2Flash Reprogramming has become a vital and profitable procedure in the repair and service of today’s vehicles. As a key component of the 21st Century Tune-up, flash reprogramming is often the only solution for problems ranging from drivability and loss of power to poor fuel economy and emissions related issues… more >>



iflash is the Complete ECU Flash Programming Solution

3Here’s what makes iflash stand out from the pack. Exclusive iflash software helps guide users step-by-step through the flashing process – with FAQs and OE subscription information. iflash even connects to the OE websites and applications to launch the flashing process…more >>



VCI 2534 Global Programmer

Our dedicated reprogramming system is the VCI 2534 Global Programmer with iFlash software.  This Motor Top 20 Tool winner of 2004 was the first 2534 tool on the market, and it remains the industry leader to this day.

With features and functions unmatched in the market, our programmer exceeds the requirements of the 2534 standard to bring you capabilities that other tools can’t.

Already a proven and popular performer, iFlash will continue to see increasing use in coming years as manufacturers pile ever more electronic systems into their vehicles.

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Easy access to customer vehicles



OE Data

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Windows software platform

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It is estimated that over 60% of vehicles on the road today require a control module update!

Each manufacturer develops new calibrations for their ECUs as well as their own software to perform the update. Manufacturers make this software available online either for free or on a subscription basis for J2534 users.  Once the OE program is installed on your PC, iFlash works with each one of them seamlessly to perform the update.

Now it’s easier than ever to scan every vehicle that comes into the garage to check for available updates as a part of regular routine maintenance.








Not all J2534 tools are created equal.  While other systems may comply with the mandatory J2534 standard, that only benefits emissions-related systems, and only on 2004 and later model year vehicles.

The OE-specific programming standards have been built into iFlash from the beginning since we offered programming even before the J2534 standard was in effect!   These include protocols such as Ford UBP, GM UART and Chrysler SCI.

That means iFlash allows you to program body modules, chassis modules, and vehicles as old as 1993 in some cases.  On top of that we provide you with our own custom developed functionality such as VIN and mileage writing for Chrysler PCMs.

iFlash has been validated by a dozen manufacturers including Chrysler, Ford, Hyundai, Mazda, Toyota, and Volkswagen. That means they all recognise that our programming system is fully capable of functioning according to their requirements. In some cases they have even used iFlash as a benchmark to perform internal quality control of their own software!

Using an OE-validated programming tool can also be a prerequisite for them to provide assistance to their subscribers. Don’t take any chances, let iFlash be your ally when it comes to module reprogramming and computer replacement.

iFlash was launched in 2002 and continually evolves to improve functionality and to adapt to manufacturers’ changing J2534 systems.

Amongst the unique features we developed are the illustrated programming instructions.  These step-by-step guides introduce users to each OE website and software to help get the ball rolling when they sign on for the first time.  These instructions are easily updated online as OEs change their systems or adopt new requirements.

To also keep on top of changes, the built-in Message Board keeps users advised of all the latest news and developments in the flash programming world as they happen.



The Complete 2534 Flash Programming Solution

Let us help you maximize bay productivity and reduce comebacks.







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