Blue Streak Electronics Announces 2534 iflash VCI’s Validation to Honda’s Online OEM Diagnostic System (HDS)

Blue Streak Electronics has completed compliance testing for all Honda/Acura vehicles using the Honda HDS platform.  This validation is yet another step ensuring that Blue Streak Electronics J2534 iflash VCI is compliant with all online OEM diagnostic platforms legislated for 2017.

The 2534 Iflash VCI is fully compliant with all Honda J2534-1 diagnostic protocols as well as the following J2534-2 protocols

A) Honda/Bosch ABS Protocol

– For some ABS & VSA systems fitted to some older Honda vehicles

B) Honda Data Storage

C) Honda Diag-H Protocol

– Honda proprietary single wire UART communication protocol

D) Honda Repeat Messaging

– For clearing DTC’s from some Honda vehicle systems

E) Honda SCS (Service Check Signal)

– Aids technicians in diagnostics
– Required for some Service Manual procedures (Ignition timing check, etc.)

Blue Streak Electronics will be completing validation to Honda’s i-HDS by the 1st quarter of 2017.