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So, while the drivers aren’t quite as big as the 53mm ones used in the older Cloud design, the frequency range has been expanded slightly above the previous 15Hz – 25,000Hz setup. It’s the same killer combo of high-end audio quality and smart pricing which lies at the heart of the Cloud Alpha, and makes it simply the best gaming headset you can plumb into your PC. The HyperX Cloud Alpha is still hands-down the best gaming headset you can buy.

If this is the case you can find a 3-way class option which includes a fairly reasonable subwoofer or if your amplifier can support it get a separate Subwoofer altogether. If the amp is unequipped to support a sub, you could invest in a mono-block amp as a dedicated sub power supply. After amplifier spec’s you need to think about the speaker size itself and mounting depth. If you don’t have to modify your car, that is always the preferable route to go, unless you intend to super-size and pimp the hell out of your audio.

Get involved in the conversation by heading over to our Facebook and Instagram pages. To stay up to date with the latest PC gaming guides, news, and reviews, follow PCGamesN on Twitter and Steam News Hub. As well as offering pinpoint audio clarity, that separation also means the Cloud Alpha headset never feels oppressive, even over an extended play session. Partly that’s down to the excellent design hangover from the original Clouds, but mostly it’s because the sound never feels like it’s being fired directly at your ears. The soundscape they generate is impressively broad and feels more remote than the closed-back headset should be able to offer. In terms of the all-important specs, the HyperX Cloud Alpha sports 50mm drivers with a broad frequency response of 13Hz – 27,000Hz.

When it comes to choosing car speakers there is a fair amount to consider first, and you need to a have good idea of your amplifier situation. To make things easier we have taken some of your most frequently asked questions to answer in our buyers guide. Hot off of the the new Kicker line, are another affordably priced pair of coaxial car speaker replacements. They are also a 3-way classified set with a super tweeter working in the mix to provide pristine highs, better frequency coverage overall, and therefore fuller-ranged audio.

Understanding Speaker Drivers

  • The cone material consists of a premium fiberglass resin composite that moves extreme amounts of air and sonic energy without ever flexing or losing control.
  • The turning point for the 16-Ultra Series subwoofers involved several key innovations.
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  • The first was an 8-inch edge wound voice coil, the largest ever deployed in a consumer subwoofer.
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That’s really to be expected when you see exactly how slowly they go through battery. Even though it seems like earbuds are pretty simple devices, they actually have to do a dozen different things. They’ve got to have some comfort options to fit different sizes of ears. And with true wireless earbuds, they’ve got to have a solid sync connection between each earbud.

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It’s getting on a bit now, but despite the HyperX Cloud Orbit S getting close, nothing has been able to match the Cloud Alpha’s fantastic mix of audio quality, subtle, robust style, and incredible value. We love it and it’s a more than worthy successor to the Cloud Pro. Select the ASIO4ALL driver – In FL Studio press F10 to open the Settings window and open the audio settings options. Find out about our Product Rating process and policies here. Once these more pressing matters have been addressed you should think about the sort of audio you desire. Any of us will find a standard 2-way woofer and tweeter combo will suffice for a full-range balanced mix, some may prefer a subwoofer set-up for a mix with more bass.

The most important factor to keep in mind when you buy a car speaker is whether your amplifier can run them to their ideal power levels. It is also important to understand how the channels of your amplifier operate, some will often have impedance options which restrict the power. So knowing the impedance of the speakers you need to buy is also crucial.

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